Asbestos information

Items containing asbestos are NOT ACCEPTED at transfer stations in Columbia County.

Asbestos is found in many household building products, particularly in those produced before 2004.

These items can include drywall tape, linoleum glues and other adhesives, insulation, electrical components, and sheathing used on interior and exterior walls as well as in roof shingles.

For proper and safe disposal of these items, please refer to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and its list of landfills that accept asbestos waste and licensed asbestos abatement contractors. 



Additionally, to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers, all loads of construction, remodeling and demolition waste brought to Columbia County transfer station are screened before, during and after unloading for materials that may contain asbestos.

Self-haulers are required to complete a form for all loads of waste that contain construction and demolition waste. Bring the form to the transfer station.

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