Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates are available from the Oregon Vital Records office. Oregon law requires all vital events such as birth, marriage, divorce, registered domestic partnership, dissolution of registered domestic partnership, fetal death, and death to be permanently recorded and registered. These are legal records documenting a vital event. Certified copies of vital records are required to obtain social security benefits, a driver’s license, passport, and other legal documents.

The following information is required when ordering a birth record:

For Birth Records:

  • full name on birth record - first, middle, and last
  • date of birth
  • place of birth - city and/or county
  • father's full name - first, middle, and last
  • mother's full maiden name - first, middle, and last
  • your relationship to the person named on the record, unless it is for yourself
  • your reason for ordering the record
  • your *name, *mailing address, and daytime telephone number (or email) as the applicant
  • your signature on the application, if ordering by mail
  • copies of legal documents, if needed, to prove legal guardianship or authority from power of attorney. If you are not an immediate family member, send a permission note with a notarized signature of an eligible immediate family member.
  • photocopy of a valid driver's license or official ID for the applicant ordering the birth record. If you do not have an ID, please see the list of alternative acceptable documents.
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