Infectious Disease Prevention & Control

Columbia County works with the Oregon Public Health Division, health care providers, other local and state health department personnel, and members of the community to track and prevent the emergence and spread of communicable diseases.

We all have a stake in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Reporting by health care providers and agencies allows public health professionals to take actions to control and prevent disease transmission.

Those with certain diseases may be subject to restrictions, such as attendance at school or day care, or working at a job that requires a person with a disease to handle food or provide patient care. Reporting also helps public health professionals quickly identify disease outbreaks. Reporting also provides data for public health agencies to study disease patterns and identify risky behaviors.

How to submit a disease report for a Columbia County resident:

Where to submit reports
Reporting is based on county of residence. Providers and laboratories are required to report the case to the local public health authority responsible for disease control and prevention at case’s place of residence. Columbia County Public Health is the local public health authority for Columbia County.

Required disease reports and reporting timelines
Providers are required to report most communicable diseases within one working day, with important exceptions, including:

Learn more about laws regarding investigation and control of disease in Oregon

Animal bites

Animal bites sustained by a Columbia County resident should be promptly reported to the Columbia County Public Health Division. Learn more

Required reporters
Oregon law requires all physicians, healthcare providers and licensed laboratory personnel to submit reportable disease information to their local health department. For a list of communicable diseases that require reporting by a medical provider please see the most current listing and additional information at the State of Oregon's Communicable Disease Program

Examples of required reporters include:
Psychologist, occupational therapist, regulated social worker, professional counselor, physician or physician assistant, acupuncturist, nurse or nursing home administrator, dentist, dental hygienist, denturist, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, emergency medial services provider, optometrist, chiropractic physician, naturopathic physician, massage therapist, direct entry midwife, physical therapist, medical imaging licensee, respiratory care practitioner, polysomnographic technologist, pharmacist, dietitian, funeral service practitioner, health care facility, home health agency, hospice program, and clinic laboratories.

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Columbia County Public Health is committed to improving the quality of life and protecting the health and well-being of all residents by addressing social, economic, and environmental conditions. Our goal is to ensure that all people in Columbia County have the opportunity for a healthy life.