Appearing in court

Arraignment information

If you are unable to appear in court, you may submit a no contest plea (see back of your citation; option 1 or 2; either will be accepted).  You must submit the full presumptive fine for each violation. You may also submit a letter to the Judge. The Court must receive these no later than the business day before your scheduled court appearance.  If the judge reduces your fine, you will receive a refund by mail.  If you choose this option, please include a valid mailing address and phone number.

If you wish to submit a not guilty plea and request a trial without having to appear in court, follow option 3 on the back of your citation.  Your plea must be received in our Vernonia office no later than the business day before you are scheduled to appear.  Please include a valid mailing address and phone number. Also, include any dates or times that you are not available.  Information with a trial date will be mailed to you.

Paperwork or pleas may not be made by email or fax.  Emails or faxes do not constitute an appearance or a written explanation by a defendant. You must either contact the Court in writing through standard mail or you must appear in Justice Court.

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