ORS 137.218 (commonly referred to as Senate Bill 819 or “SB819”) went into effect on January 1, 2022, and allows the county's District Attorney to petition the court to seek reconsideration of unjust convictions or sentences from a judge. While District Attorney Auxier was a proud supporter of the bill, he expects to use this particular tool sparingly. View the official policy.

Eligibility requirements

“Eligibility” does not ensure that the District Attorney will file an SB819 petition with the court on your behalf, it only means that the District Attorney will consider your SB819 application. SB819 consideration lies within the sole discretion of the District Attorney.

SB819 consideration requests fall into one of three categories: actual innocence, excessive sentencing, or collateral consequence(s). The application form for each category is different.

Actual Innocence

Download, complete, and submit the Actual Innocence forms if you believe you were wrongfully convicted because you did not commit the crime for which you were accused.

Excessive Sentencing

Download, complete, and submit the Excessive Sentencing forms if you believe you were guilty of the crime that you were convicted of but disproportionately punished for the crime.

Collateral Consequence

Download, complete, and submit the Collateral Consequence forms if the conviction has an undue and extraordinarily unfair impact on other aspects of your life (affecting your ability to possess firearms, obtain housing, or obtain a job).

If you have futher questions regarding the SB819 policy or process, contact the District Attorey's office at (503) 397-0300.

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