Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division of the Columbia County Department of Community Justice is committed to protecting the public and reducing delinquency by holding youth accountable to their victims and to their community.

Our focus is public safety, stability and accountability. We work with youth and families to enable skill development and competencies in those we serve.

Our Juvenile Court Counselors (JCCs) work with youth age 12 to 18 who have committed misdemeanor or felony crimes. JCCs conduct intake interviews, collect background information and initiate the legal process, as well as supervise youth on probation and in diversion programs.

JCCs use risk-screening tools in effort to identify those with significant risk to re-offend, then provide intensive case management and individualized plans to address the unique needs of each youth and family, using evidence-based practices. Multi-agency teams are often created to provide the array of services needed for appropriate interventions.

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Columbia County is committed to preventing additional harm to victims of crime. Under Oregon Law you have certain rights as the victim in a criminal case, and it is important that you know these rights. 

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