Land Development Services

Land Development Services is your best source of information related to land use, zoning, permitting, building construction, dividing land and other general land developing in unincorporated Columbia County. We provide technical assistance and information to help you take your project from an idea to reality. 

The Planning Division is responsible for reviewing all development proposals within Columbia County's jurisdiction through the county's development ordinances. If you own property in Columbia County, or are considering purchasing or developing property, contact us first and we will assist you in navigating the land use process by providing information related to zoning, environmental constraints (such as floodplain, wetlands or other habitat areas), permitting, dividing land and general land development.

The Building Division is entrusted with achieving compliance with applicable State laws and adopted building codes in regard to building design and construction within unincorporated Columbia County and the City of Rainier. Building codes are in place to protect public health, safety and general welfare as they relate to the construction and occupancy of buildings and structure. Our services include plan review, permitting and inspections. 

Code Compliance and Enforcement
The Code Compliance and Enforcement program is responsible for protecting health and safety by ensuring compliance with county regulations. Voluntary compliance is the program's core objective. 

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Columbia County Courthouse Annex
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Building Official
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