Code Compliance and Enforcement

The Code Compliance and Enforcement program is responsible for protecting health and safety by ensuring compliance with county regulations. Voluntary compliance is the program's core objective. 

Code Compliance and Enforcement staff conduct field inspection, investigations, case management, citation writing/service and court testimony.  We respond to and processes complaints involving alleged code violations, and assist technical staff in enforcing solid waste, building, land use, on-site septic and surface mining ordinances.

As authorized by the Columbia County Enforcement Ordinance , the following types of complaints are investigated:

  • solid waste that is a threat to public health or safety 
  • unpermitted construction – building, electrical, plumbing
  • unauthorized land uses or failure to comply with land use conditions of approval
  • storm water and erosion control
  • standards for subsurface sewage disposal systems

Code Compliance Complaint Form & Contact Information

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