Planning Services are Available!   Call our main office phone line (503.397.1501 ext. 1) to access all land development services including, scheduling an appointment, dropping off applications and picking up permits.  

Plan Amendment / Zone Change Under Review

PORT WESTWARD - Post Acknowledgement Plan Amendment (LUBA Remand)

Planning Division Description

The Planning Division is responsible for reviewing all development proposals within Columbia County's jurisdiction. 

If you own property in Columbia County, or are considering purchasing or developing property, contact us first and we will assist you in navigating the land use process by providing information related to zoning, permitting, dividing land, general land development, structure placement, and if your property contains environmental constraints such as floodplain, wetlands or other sensitive habitat areas.   

Current Planning Program

  • Provides land use consultations about how to develop property and delivers technical planning information to the general public 

  • Processes land use applications including public notifications and zoning ordinance analysis

  • Reviews building permit applications for zoning compliance 

  • Provides staff support to the seven Citizen Planning Advisory Committees (CPAC), the county's Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners on planning and zoning issues

  • Manages special planning and grant funded projects.

Long Range Planning Program

  • Develops, maintains and implements the Columbia County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning maps

  • Administers, maintains and processes amendments to the Zoning Code and Subdivision Ordinance

  • Coordinates all plans and studies concerning land use activity within the county's planning boundaries

  • Conducts major updates to the county Comprehensive Plan 

  • Coordinates with other public agencies regarding environmental issues such as floodplains, wetlands and wildlife habitat

Codes, Ordinances, and Other Relevant Land Use Documents

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