Update:  Columbia County is open to the public on an appointment basis.  In-person services must adhere to all the current face covering and social distancing requirements during the pandemic.  Our office continues to be available by phone, 503-397-2322, and email,, during our regular business hours.

The Columbia County Surveyor’s office provides customers of Columbia County, county departments and local agencies with professional surveying expertise and advice.

The office, under the guidance of the Oregon Revised Statues, serves the public by:

  • reviewing private surveys for State compliance and filing them in the Surveyor’s records
  • reviewing subdivisions, partitions and condominium plats for State compliance and filing an exact copy in the Surveyor’s records
  • maintaining survey records and provide a means for public research
  • restoring and maintaining Public Land Survey System corners (Government Corners).


Columbia County has had a County Surveyor since 1854. Since that time, the most valuable role of the County Surveyor is to survey county-owned property and to restore and maintain the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). The original PLSS is not only the basis for the establishment and protection of property rights, but also the foundation of the County’s ability to accurately assess and collect the property taxes that fund many County services. As Columbia County continues to grow, development, construction and logging threaten the PLSS on a daily basis and consequently, many of the public’s rights and functions of government are threatened. This is why the County Surveyor’s office has developed a strong PLSS Corner Restoration Program that will continue to support the County into the future.

Assisting the public is the most important non-mandated service that the Surveyor’s Office provides. With a growing county and property changing hands daily, the Surveyor’s office strives to be a resource for the public to find answers to their survey related questions.

The County Surveyor does not survey private land. Please use the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon directory to select a surveyor for your personal needs.

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General Information
County Surveyor
Nathan Woodward
Survey Technician
Robert Johnson
Phone Numbers
(503) 397-2322
Emergencies: Dial 911
230 Strand St.
Columbia County Courthouse Annex
St. Helens,

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm