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Read about permits you may obtain from the Road Division. 

Road Access Permits

This permit allows the county to monitor and manage access to county, public and private roads. The permit ensures that the access is constructed to County Road Standards and poses no danger to the property owner or the general public.

  • Cost $50.00
  • Required for:
    • Any new road, driveway or access connecting to a county, public or private road.
    • Any construction requiring a building permit.
    • New development of property.

*Applicants must come to Road Department office and pick up an access location stake and place at location of access.

Road Access Permit Process (view Road Access Specifications for more details)

  1. Applicant fills out an access permit and submits it to the Road Department along with $50.00 (Check or exact change).
  2. Applicant places an access location stake (supplied by the Road Department) at location of access.
  3. Road Department inspects location of access within ten (10) working days of receipt of access permit application and $50.00 fee. Inspector determines if site meets standards and sets other conditions if any.
  4. Applicant receives a copy of the access permit in the mail with one (1) signature from the Road Department, approving the commencement of road access construction.
  5. Applicant may choose to place a $2000.00 deposit with the Treasurers office in the courthouse in order to receive a building permit from Land Development Services before constructing road access. Deposit will be returned upon completion of access permit requirements.
  6. Once road access construction is complete, applicant informs Road Department. Road Department will inspect approach for compliance with permit within ten (10) working days.
  7. If all permit conditions have been met, applicant will be mailed a copy of the access permit with a second signature from the Road Department certifying approved access construction. A copy will be sent to Columbia County Land Development Services.

Note: Land Development Services will not issue a final occupancy until applicant has a completed access permit. Applicant has (2) two years from date of issuance to complete access construction. The $2000.00 deposit may be forfeited if the access is not completed in that time period.

Road Access Permit Form (PDF)

View Road Access Specifications (PDF)

Deposit Forfeiture Appeal Form (PDF)

Public Road Application and Construction Permit

This permit allows the county to monitor any construction that is within the Road Right Of Way. The permit is usually used by utility companies and property owners when performing construction or access improvements within the road right-of-way.

  • Cost $0
  • Required for: - Any construction within the road right of way.

View Construction Permit (PDF)

View Construction Specifications (PDF)

Special Transportation and Hauling Permit

This permit allows the County to monitor and control heavy traffic on county roads with weight and size restrictions.

  • Cost $0
  • Required for: - Any hauling of loads on county roads heavier than 80,000 lbs or the maximum allowable load per the road restrictions set by the Columbia County Road Department or on any road requiring a special permit. See Road Restrictions page for more information. Not required if also receiving a single trip permit through ODOT Motor Carrier Division.

NOTE: This is not the permit used for roads restricted under Board Order 101-2007 (see below)

View Special Transportation and Hauling Permit (PDF)

Single Trip Permit -

Allows the County to monitor and control one time traffic that is oversize or overweight. These permits are issued by the Oregon Department of Transportation

  • Cost (Contact ODOT Motor Carrier Division)
  • Required for: - Any load over 80,000 lbs., 8 ft. wide, 10 ft. high, or 65 ft. long

Special Haul Permit for Order No. 101-2007

This permit allows the county to monitor and control heavy traffic on county roads with special weight restrictions as identified in Board Order No. 101-2007. The permit is only required if hauling above 75 percent of legal axle weights.

  • Cost for hauling in June, July, August, & September - $7.00
  • Cost for hauling in remaining months - $7 plus $5 per mile, or $1 per thousand board feet per mile for log hauling. No per mile fee is added for deliveries of materials when the destination is on the restricted road.

View Special Hauling Permit Form for Order No. 101-2007

The following roads currently have restrictions that require a permit issued under order 101-2007.

  • Alder Creek Road
  • Barker Road
  • Chapman Road
  • Chapman Grange Road
  • Elk Creek Road
  • Holaday Road
  • Johnson Road
  • Lentz Road
  • McDermott Road
  • Pisgah Home Road
  • Shepard Road (From Delena-MaygerRoad to end of pavement)
  • Tide Creek Road. (From Nicolai Road to Orr Road)

Borrowing Agreement

The Public Works Department allows the borrowing of some equipment, supplies or materials to local businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities. Borrowing of equipment is not allowed by individuals for personal purposes. The borrowing of any County-owned Public Works Department item(s) must be pre-authorized by completing the Columbia County Public Works Loan Agreement approval process, which includes the  Loan Agreement form and reviewing the  Loan Agreement Policy. Completed loan agreement applications must be submitted to the Columbia County Public Works Department prior to the date items are borrowed giving adequate time for review and approval by the Public Works staff. 

Public Road Event Permit

The County Road Department processes applications for Public Road Event permits. Read the County Ordinance on what constitutes a public road event. Contact Transportation Planning with questions or call our office. 

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