Go Kits

Consider what you would need if your home is not safe and you must evacuate to a shelter, motel, or another place.

Pack GO KITS for everyone in the family 

In a rolling suitcase or backpack stored in an easily accessible place, such as under your bed, add:

  • a pair of sturdy shoes/boots and socks
  • bicycle helmet or hard hat
  • leather work gloves
  • flashlight and whistle stuffed in shoes
  • bottle of water

In personal GO KITS, add:

  • toothbrush & paste, soap & small towel
  • facial tissue & toilet paper
  • complete change of warm clothing plus rain gear
  • sleeping bag or blanket
  • water: 1 gallon/day x 3 days (or put in the family bag) 
  • medications & wellness items 
  • spare pair of glasses or contact lens items
  • out of area contact information
  • photo of the whole family
  • cash in small bills
  • a comfort item (stuffed toy, book . . . )

In the FAMILY GO KIT add:

  •  three days’ supply of high-protein, high-energy food that won't spoil (see STAY KIT for suggestions)
  • can opener, utensils, plastic/paper dishes, and cups
  • battery/crank radio, flashlight, extra batteries
  • first aid kit including prescriptions and a manual
  • sewing kit with scissors
  • extra set house and car keys
  • more cash in small bills and credit card
  • important family papers in a waterproof container (include copies of insurance and medical information and phone numbers; prescriptions; driver’s licenses/other ID)
  • photo of whole family and pets
  • paper and pens or pencils with a hand sharpener
  • sanitation supplies (see STAY KIT for examples)
  • toilet paper
  • entertainment items: cards, book
  • special items for infants, the elderly, and disabled people.

Pets need food, water, and shelter during an emergency too. For your PET GO KIT include:

  • food and water for at least three and up to seven days; and possibly up to two weeks
  • litter and disposable litter trays
  • extra medications
  • pet first aid kit
  • feeding dishes
  • extra harness and leash
  • portable pet carrier or kennel
  • blanket (for scooping up a fearful pet)
  • toys
  • shampoo and other pet toiletries
  • remember that pets, except service animals, are generally not allowed in human shelters. Some shelters might have facilities for pets nearby, but most don’t. Make alternative plans for kennels, pet-friendly motels, neighbors, friends, or family. Make sure your pet is microchipped, and be sure rabies vaccinations are up to date (may be required for shelter admission).
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