Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue is a vital component of the Sheriff's responsibility to conserve the peace in Columbia County. Sheriff's Office commanders oversee a mostly volunteer force of Search and Rescue (SAR) team members.  But though they are primarily volunteers, the SAR team is a very professional-minded group.  SAR volunteers lead the day-to-day preparations for when (not "if") the team's services will be required.

SAR team members train yearly and must keep a minimum level of training current in order to be certified. Scores of citizens from across Columbia County are training to be prepared for search and rescue missions to wherever duty may call them.

** We are currently accepting applications for Search and Rescue.  You can obtain an application here. You can mail the application to the Columbia County Sheriff: 901 Port Ave., St. Helens, OR 97051 or by dropping it by the Sheriff's Office in person.  If you want further information, you can call the Sheriff's Office (503-366-4611) and ask to speak to the Search And Rescue Coordinator, or email us by going here.

Search and Rescue Training 2012:
Volunteer Tom Thompson, Volunteer Reserve Deputy Tyler Miller, Undersheriff Andy Moyer, and Sgt. Dustin Hald discuss an action plan during scenario training in June 2012


2012 SAR Training: 
Practical opportunities to employ search and rescue techniques


2009 SAR Recovery of Downed Aircraft: