Columbia County Board of Commissioners passes resolution in support of racial equality


JULY 9, 2020

Columbia County Board of Commissioners passes resolution in support of racial equality

(Columbia County, Oregon) - On Wednesday, July 8, the Board of Commissioners of Columbia County unanimously passed Resolution 66-2020 in the interest of furthering the County's commitment to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The matter was discussed during the County's Wednesday morning regular session, where several Columbia County residents came before the Board to voice their concerns around racial equality in our community and in support of forward momentum.

Previously, in Resolution 15-2018, Columbia County adopted a Vision that states in part, "We will cultivate a dependable and responsible system that supports our community and provides access to the services our residents need and desire."

The Board believes Resolution 66-2020 to be a practical next step in realizing that Vision, but also recognizes it is only one step on a journey of many that we, as a community, must walk together.

Resolution 66-2020 resolves the following:

  1. Columbia County affirms its commitment to address systemic racism and its impacts on Black people and other people of color in the community.
  2. Columbia County denounces white supremacy, racism, violence, and racial inequity against people of color.
  3. Columbia County will work with community members, law enforcement and employees to identify and address systemic racism in Columbia County and will actively seek feedback regarding County policy and its impact on people of color in Columbia County.
  4. Columbia County will listen, learn and work to foster a welcoming, inclusive, equitable, respectful, and safe environment for people of color in the community.
  5. Columbia County will continue to regularly review its discrimination policies and implementation thereof to ensure policies are successfully and effectively implemented.
  6. Columbia County will continue to provide employee training aimed at awareness of bias.
  7. The Columbia County Board of Commissioners declares the day of June 19 as Juneteenth in Columbia County and encourages all County residents to commemorate and celebrate this day.

The Board of Commissioners is looking forward to working with our community partners, stakeholders, and citizens to realize this Vision. Together, we believe we can build a community that is inclusive and welcoming to all, and one in which each voice is valued.

Read the full Resolution here:,%20and%20Proclaiming%20June%2019%20as%20Juneteenth.pdf

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