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April 21, 2020

Cascades Tissue Group donates 300 cases of toilet paper to Columbia County

(St. Helens, Oregon) - With toilet paper in high demand and sometimes difficult to find, Columbia County reached out to the Cascades Tissue Group for help supplying our local organizations and citizens in need.

"On Friday, we got a call back from the local plant manager, Brian Dietz, and said they'd really like to help us out and offered to give us 300 cases of toilet paper to distribute to those folks," Commissioner Henry Heimuller said.

It took a group of volunteers, with help from the Work Crew, two trips to unload the full supply at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. The product will go to Community Action Team, food banks, senior centers and other social service organizations that can distribute it to those in need.

"Everybody's trying to make this work and do things for others and help our own neighbors out a little bit," Heimuller said. "So, special thanks to our business partners and certainly to Cascades Tissue in Scappoose."

If you've been unable to find toilet paper, please call the Board of Commissioners Office at 503-397-4322.

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