New CC Rider Partnership Encourages Shared Rides in Columbia County

As businesses in the area continue to grow, workers continue to return to their offices, and commute costs continue to increase, CC Rider is creating improvements to the transit system to provide new transit options while reducing commuter expenses. In partnership with Commute with Enterprise, CC Rider is helping to provide an innovative and sustainable shared mobility option: vanpooling. 

The Commute program is a coordinated vanpool program available to people who live in Columbia County and wish to access jobs in the area or surrounding employment centers. The program coordinates participants who indicate their interest through various channels, such as at their job site or via an online portal. The program then matches riders who are interested in riding together with others who have similar work shifts in similar areas. Commute with Enterprise customizes each vanpool to the specific needs of the group. When four or more people match, a representative will work with the group to identify their needs and provide solutions. -Commute with Enterprise provides the 7-15 passenger vehicle, insurance, maintenance, and ongoing support. CC Rider chose to work with Commute with Enterprise to bring their expertise, scalability, and professionalism to the Columbia County area to ensure program success. 

“Our new partnership with Enterprise allows CC Rider to support the employment needs of local businesses and the transportation needs of local workers by introducing our community to a proven, efficient form of public transportation,” says John Dreeszen, CC Rider Transit Director. 

CC Rider will partially subsidize the vanpool program using Statewide Transportation Improvement Funds. Employers and/or participants will split the remaining cost, with each vanpool rider paying a set monthly fee. Enterprise will provide coordination services, technology, vehicles, liability insurance, scheduled vehicle maintenance, and 24-hour roadside assistance. 

Participants can choose a qualifying vanpool vehicle from Enterprise’s selection of makes and models, including crossovers, SUVs, minivans, and large passenger vans. Vanpoolers may upgrade their vehicles with optional high-end features such as satellite radio and in-vehicle Wi-Fi service. 

People who commute to or from Columbia County and are interested in joining the program can visit

For more information, contact John Dreeszen with CC Rider at or David Meigs with Commute with Enterprise at 


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