Columbia County Rider Bus Finds New Life as Work Crew Van

CC Rider Bus #1728 embarks on a new adventure, joining the Community Justice Department and becoming the Work Crew’s “new” van.

In 2017, the Ford Transit van was initially purchased and used for Dial-A-Ride services. Theresa Baska, who holds the title of CC Rider's longest-serving driver, was its primary driver. CC Rider Mechanic Michael "JR" Jackson carefully looked after this trusty vehicle. After faithfully serving as a transit bus, it's now ready to take on a new role in our community.

Four brand-new Ford Transit vans were recently received by CC Rider, which allowed for the smooth transition of Bus #1728 to the Community Justice Department. Thanks to this seamless changeover, there will be no disruption in service for our community.

The older van will now be put to work for the Work Crew, filling the void left by their previous vehicle, which experienced a major breakdown. CC Rider will also step in to make some minor adjustments to the van, ensuring it better meets the needs of the Work Crew.

"This is perfect timing for us," says David Brooke, Community Service Coordinator. "The Work Crew program has safe and dependable transportation again. The van that the Work Crew has been using is 27 years old, has a lot of hard miles on it, and it's just not reliable enough to haul crews and tools to work locations, sometimes in remote parts of the county."

Bus #1728 will help the Community Justice Department to continue its Work Crew program that encourages offenders to participate in restorative justice programs. Offenders give back to the community by assisting with the cleanup of illegal dump sites, restoring and maintaining local city and county parks, assisting local governmental agencies with public works, and working with approved not-for-profits.

The transfer had been delayed for over two years due to supply chain issues affecting the production and delivery of CC Rider's new vans. However, both CC Rider and Community Justice are excited to continue serving our community with their respective services, and Bus #1728's new journey is just beginning.

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David Brooke, John Dreezen, and Bus #1728 at CC Rider Transit Center

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