Oregon Property Tax Deferral Program for Disabled and Senior Citizens

If you are a senior citizen or disabled and a homeowner in Columbia County, you may be eligible to participate in the State of Oregon's Property Tax Deferral program. Qualifying for this program allows you to delay paying the property taxes on your residence by borrowing from the Oregon Department of Revenue. The State will pay your property tax bill from a revolving fund, then record a lien on your property to become a security interest holder. The Oregon Department of Revenue recoups its loan when a participant's property is sold or changes ownership. Loans accrue interest at 6 percent annually. To participate, you must apply before the April 15 due date for personal tax returns or file late from April 16 to December 1 and pay a fee.

You can find more information on the Property Tax Deferral program at the Oregon.gov website at https://www.oregon.gov/dor/programs/property/pages/deferral.aspx

Download the instruction booklet, which includes the application and instructions, at https://www.oregon.gov/dor/programs/property/SiteAssets/Pages/deferral/deferral-disabled-senior_490-015-1.pdf

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The county tax assessor, an elected official, regulates property taxes and bases them on the most recent property value assessment for homes, businesses, and land. For more information about your Columbia County property valuation, or if you believe your property tax assessment was unfair, contact the County Assessor’s office at 503-397-2240. All tax appeals are due to the County Clerk no later than January 3, 2023.

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