Emergency Relief Culvert Bundle Replacement Project

June 29, 2022


During a federally-declared storm event in December 2015, high water events caused damage and erosion to multiple culvert crossings along with the road surfaces. The culverts that were damaged in that storm are located on Apiary Road MP 12.2, Apiary Road MP 17.4 and Bennett Road MP 1.0. In response to the event crews with Columbia county Public Works Department temporarily stabilized the culverts to reopen the road. 

Columbia County has since obtained Federal funding to replace and upgrade the damaged culverts. Contractors for the County will conduct the culvert replacements this upcoming spring/summer 2023. Construction is anticipated March 2023 and run through September 2023. The work will include replacing the damaged culverts with larger structures, improving drainage, placing stone embankment protection, stabilizing the subgrade, installing guardrail, and repaving the roadway in the culvert locations. The culvert at Apiary Road 17.4 will be upgraded to a small bridge and the culvert at Bennett Road MP 1.0 will be upgraded to a 12’ wide box culvert. 

Some lane restrictions and traffic delays with flaggers are anticipated during construction for Apiary MP 12.2, however no road closures are expected. The County will close Apiary Road at MP 17.4 for 4 weeks and set up a detour route using HWY 47 to HWY 30 to Larson Road and then to Old Rainier Road to access the other side of Apiary Road. The County will also close Bennett Road at MP 1.0 for 6 weeks and set up a detour route using HWY 30 to Church Road and then to Hazen Road to access the other side of Bennett Road. The County will send out more exact dates as the project gets closer.