Gas and Land Distributions to Taxing Districts for 2021-22 Fiscal Year

The Columbia County Finance and Tax Department has determined that an accounting error resulted in the overpayment of the 2020-2021 Gas and Land Distributions to the local Taxing Districts. The department has identified the reason for the mistake and has taken appropriate steps to ensure that the error will not happen again.

The Finance and Tax Department has applied the overpayment from July 2021's distribution to the calculation for the 2021-2022 Gas and Land Distribution resulting in a net $0.00 amount due to the Taxing Districts in July 2022. A small amount of Gas Rent/Royalties overpayment balance will remain for most Taxing Districts and will carry over to the 2022-2023 distribution. No Land Sales Distributions will occur until land sales total more than the overpayment.

Taxing Districts can contact the county's Finance and Tax Department at (503) 397-0060 with any questions.

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