The Big Flag Is Back

The county's General Services Department has raised the big flag for Memorial Day weekend. The big flag is a high wind, commercial-grade nylon flag that measures 50 feet by 30 feet and weighs over 40 pounds. In good weather, it takes three members of the General Services team to raise or lower the big flag safely.

County offices often receive inquiries as to why the flag is not flown year-round. It is partially due to the winter weather. The wind and rain cause our larger flag to fray and tatter sooner than smaller flags as it endures a higher wind load, snapping the flying end of the flag with more force. But, more importantly, the big flag isn't flown during the winter because the rain and strong winds make it extremely difficult for county employees to raise or lower the flag safely.

As you will notice, the big flag is not flying at half-staff because of safety concerns. "It is incredibly difficult for us to safely secure the big flag at half-staff," said Columbia County General Services Director Riley Baker. "And while we respect the importance of properly displaying our flags, we also want to ensure that everyone remains safe and has an enjoyable holiday weekend." The county's official flag is located in the courtyard in front of the old courthouse. It is flying at half-staff, honoring the victims of the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. It will remain at half-staff in observance of Memorial Day

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