About the Courts

The Columbia County Circuit Court is operated by the Oregon Judicial Department. The Circuit Court hears civil and criminal court cases and has jurisdiction over probate issues, adoptions, guardianship and conservatorships, and juvenile issues. The majority of appeals from the circuit court go to the Oregon Court of Appeals. Some limited cases go directly to the Oregon Supreme Court if appealed from the trial court level. The Oregon Justice Department has no jurisdiction over other local courts in Oregon, which include county courts, justice courts, and municipal courts.

The Columbia County District Attorney's Office represents the State of Oregon prosecuting all felony crimes as well as the vast majority of misdemeanors, including aggravated murder, child abuse, sex trafficking, drug crimes, domestic violence, DUIs, and other traffic crimes.

The Columbia County Justice Court is the judicial branch of Columbia County. The Justice Court's jurisdiction includes, but is not limited to, citations issued by law enforcement agencies for traffic, boating, weighmaster, fish and game, and state and county parks violations, as well as city and county ordinances. The Justice of the Peace presides over the court. This is an elected position with a term of four years.

Other courts in Columbia County

Scappoose Municipal Court

St. Helens Municipal Court